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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Main Difference

What makes a church grow? A simple and effective answer to that question could net an author millions should he choose to write a book about it. But seriously, I've seen churches stagnate for decades in their community just to have a new church planted not 300 yards down the road that grew from nothing to 1200 over the course of a year or so. So why do some churches grow while others stagnate and die? I'd dare say that "uber blogger" Tim Challies has presented the best answer I have read to date. The biggest factor is how we view the world around us. Are lost people our enemies, or are they potential friends? How you answer that question has a major impact on your church. I would encourage everyone to read his article here:

Distrust, Suspicion, or Love

Monday, January 07, 2008

A Humble Endorsement

It has been announced that Dr. R. Albert Mohler will be nominated for the position of President of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2008. Myself, I cannot express how excited I am about this announcement. I believe that Dr. Mohler is the right man for this job at the right time, and will be able to lead our convention to new heights through grace and determination.

Let me share for a few moments why I would endorse, and plan to vote for Dr. Mohler.

Dr. Mohler walked into Southern facing some of the worst opposition any seminary president has ever faced, yet went because of a clear calling from God - a calling confirmed by the amazing success the school now enjoys.

I had the privlege of being in his Sunday School class for 3 years while I was in seminary, and that gave me the chance to watch him when he probably didn't think that he was being watched. And his example alone has had a profound impact on how I carry myself in ministry, and how I relate to those I minister to.

After his class dismisses, he is immediately mobbed by people with questions - and every single one of those questions gets an answer. In church Dr. Mohler can't take two steps without someone stopping him, wanting him to explain a large, complicated point of Christian doctrine to them. But no matter who they are, and no matter what they ask, he is always very careful to give them a complete answer in a way that they understand.

I've seen him stoop to clean up messes, walk people to their cars, pick up dropped purses, and rearrange his schedule to attend a class party - there is no task too small or insignificant for him to do.

Every couple of nights, Dr. Mohler will take his dog for a walk through the campus housing areas for the sole purpose of meeting and getting to know his students.

Dr. Mohler purposely seeks out students to invest in and mentor - the next generation of Southern Baptists is his number one priority.

Dr. Mohler has a love for both Southern Seminary, and the SBC at large that defies description. His greatest desire is to see the kingdom of Christ advanced through the SBC.

That is why I plan on going to Indy for the sole purpose of voting for Dr. Mohler, and why I pray that many more do as well. There is simply no better man for the job.

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