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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Smoky Mountains

Today would be our most relaxing day of vacation & a day I have been looking forward to, a trip up into the Smoky mountains. I’ll be honest with you, I did not like Gatlinburg. Too many cars, too many people – picture Branson’s busiest day on super-steroids – that’s how bad it was. However, once we got into the mountains, things sort of cleared up. There would only be a few cars on the roads with you, and the trails were virtually people free. The only time things got bad is when you stopped on a major overlook, but even then it wasn’t too bad.
After a few hours in the park, momma and baby Jack were ready to head back. So we went to the hotel and got naps, ate, and just milled around for a while. Of an evening we decided to go to a Ripley’s aqarium that was just down the road from our hotel. In the beginning, I thought we were getting ripped off by paying $20 a head to get in (Jack was free), but we all really enjoyed it. We ended up staying for over three hours, and only left when it was time for Jack to eat. All in all, this was the best day of our vacation.


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