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Friday, June 29, 2007

Head'n Out

I was out of pocket last week, and as such there was no post – and I apologize for that. One week ago today I, my son, and my lovely wife left for our first vacation in five years, and yes we were ready for it. So, if you will allow me to, this week I will regale you with stories from our vacation. They will never make for a best seller, but they may be of some interest to my regular readers. So….

One week ago today, we set out on the first leg of our trip. Eldon to Festus, MO where we stayed the night with Andrea’s parents (because all great trips start with a stop at the inlaw’s, right?). Really, for us this was a great first leg. Andrea worked until 5, which would have made for a very late night had we tried to make it to Louisville. Plus, my parents live about 15 minutes away, so it gave both sets of grandparents the chance to spend some time with baby Jack.


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