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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Can General Revelation Ever Be Salvific in its Effect? Part 1

My apologies for the lateness and short length of this post. In addition to my usual duties, I find myself cramming for the GRE and of course, now chasing after Missouri’s 2nd greatest bird.

Please accept this brief introduction to the topic I’ll be looking at for the next several weeks.

Can people be saved by God apart from his special revelation?

This question is primarily relevant in relation to the practice of evangelism, both at home and abroad. If it is true that general revelation can lead one to salvation, then many of us would have to re-evaluate both the aims and methods of our evangelism. If general revelation could lead one to salvation, then it would be foolish to send talented ministers and resources abroad when they are needed here at home.

If general revelation can lead one to salvation, then we should begin our evangelism, not with the Gospel, but with an apologetic appeal to what the unbeliever already knows through nature.

Conversely, if we contend that only the special revelation of God through Christ can lead one to salvation, then we must press forward in the missionary movement began by William Carey, and, like Paul, preach Christ, and Him crucified alone.


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