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Monday, February 26, 2007

Conclusion - Toward a Greater Good Theodicy

Over the past several weeks, we have discussed the issue of Theodicy - God's relation to evil. We have seen the answers that some propose to it, my personal position, and a discussion of why others might reject it. Today, I just want to conclude this discussion with a final thought on the subject.
How can we overcome C. S. Lewis’ "problem of pain?" Must we deny God’s goodness and omnipotence so that we may better understand the source and purpose of pain? To abandon these precepts is to abandon centuries of Christian orthodoxy and biblical truth, and as such is unthinkable. Instead, we should embrace the Instrumental view, or Greater Good Theodicy, which advocates God’s goodness, omnipotence, and foresees a greater end to the trials we face in this life.


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