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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Louisville Bound

Today on our vacation (technically one week ago mind you) Andrea and I began our day with worship at the First Baptist Church, Festus/Crystal City, where Andrea grew up. After a long search, they had invited a gentleman to come in view of a call for their Associate Pastor position. I forget his name, but he preached a solid, textually driven sermon, so kudos to him for that. We couldn’t stick around for the vote during the evening service, but I got the impression that everyone liked him, and that they would vote to call him. If so, I think he will be an asset to that church.
After the service we knew that we needed to get going if we were going to make it to Louisville at a decent hour, so we caught lunch on the go & hit the road. Depending on who’s driving, it takes about 5 to 5.5 hours to make it to Louisville from Festus. This was our first trip there with a baby in tow so that added some stops. Add in the time change and it was around sevenish before we got to the Legacy Center.
Southern, for those of you who don’t know, is my Alma Mater, and in many ways I was glad to be back on campus. My years at Southern prompted a sharp focus upon those things that I should have been learning in my church, but had not. My three years there were good years, where we made great friends, and fell even deeper in love with an awesome God. Even though I was born and bred in Missouri, and I’m serving there now, in a very real sense it felt as if I was home on Southern’s campus. Here’s hoping to many more "homecomings" in the future.


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