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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Out of Pocket

I missed last week's post, and I apologize for that. But I will admit that I had a very good reason for missing last week: I was on vacation. My wife and I visited our family last weekend, and got the chance to rent the 1966 Stingray Corvette you see above. After that we went to Tablerock to enjoy some time away from home in a quiet and somewhat cloistered location.

This vacation was one I sorely needed, and was different from the vacations that we have had for the past five years in that there was no work involved at all. Usually our vacations are the few days we have after a conference, or a class, or a series of tests, or something like that. But for this vacation there was only one thing to do: absolutely nothing.

Included in that absolutely nothing was a lack of internet access, so there was no e-mail, blogs, blogging, or anything else. When I got back yesterday I checked to see who had dropped in during my absence, and to my surprise I found that the week that I didn't post, I had the most visitors that I have had in a long time. Maybe I should abstain from writing for a while, it might improve my readership :) No such luck though, Monday I will finish my "Books to Read Again and Again" series with a wonderful short book that provoked a great paradigm shift in my theology a few years ago.


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