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Monday, September 10, 2007

Books Worth Reading Again and Again Vol. 2

Revival’s Golden Key, by Ray Comfort

Last week, we began looking at books that I honestly cannot help but go back to time after time after time. These are the books that have inspired me, educated me, edified me, and in some cases, have caused me to seriously reconsider major aspects of my life.
Today I want to look at a book I first read right before I went to seminary about four years ago.

Today as I take it down from my bookshelves, I remember how long it’s been since I read it last. Today, I would probably pass by it in the bookstore. The cover pictures are very cheesy, the reference to "end time believers" smells of hyper-dispensationalism, and on the back is an endorsement from Ted Haggard. Admittedly, this endorsement came from before his incident, but still.

But four years ago I guess I didn’t have the same preconceived notions I now have. As my wife and I were packing our apartment getting ready for the move, I came across this book. I had no idea where it came from, but it looked interesting, so that evening I sat down to start reading it, and simply could not put it down. This book has in many ways completely changed the way that I go about witnessing to people, and Comfort’s "The Way of the Master" method became the foundation for my "Eternal L.I.F.E witnessing rubric.

The main thrust of this book is the use of the law in witnessing. Before, I would talk about Christ and salvation, and how people needed Christ in their lives, but no one seemed that interested. After reading this book I came to understand why. Comfort notes that telling people they need Jesus is an empty statement to the lost if they don’t understand that they have broken God’s law, are condemned, and domed to face his wrath. However, once the sinner understands the seriousness of sin, and that they cannot make themselves clean before God, only then will they understand what we mean when we say that we need Jesus to save us. Or, as Scottish evangelist Robbie Flockhart used to say:

"You must preach the Law, for the gospel is a silken thread, and you cannot get it into the hearts of men unless you have made a way for it with a sharp needle; the sharp needle of the Law will pull the silken thread of the gospel after it."

There must be plowing before there is sowing if there is to be reaping after the sowing.


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