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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Why Another Blog?

As I sit here writing my first blog, I ask myself why on earth do we need another blog? My mind wanders to one of my guilty pleasures in life, watching the Simpsons. In one episode, Lisa takes on the media-industrial-complex by publishing her own newspaper. Her endeavor fails, but it inspires everyone else to start writing and distributing their own papers. As he is handed several papers, Homer gets the in last word when he says "finally, now everyone with access to a photocopier can spread their worthless ideas."
That’s how I have felt about blogs for a long time (still do to some extent). But, it is a valuable tool, and if everyone else is going to publish their ideas, then I might as well get in on it too.
My hope is to publish one thought per week, on Mondays, on theological issues we face as Christians as a whole, and Southern Baptists in particular. Given that I am a new pastor with way too much on my plate and my first child due in a week or so I cannot promise consistency, but that is my hope.
Quick note – I really just want to deal with topics, but inevitably names will get attached to those topics. As Christians we must keep our comments dignified and respectable. That too will be a goal of mine.


Blogger Wes Kenney said...

Welcome to blogging. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

You might want to turn on word verification for comments. It prevents spam comments, which can be a headache.

Oh, and congratulations on the (almost) new arrival.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Pastor John said...

Thanks Wes, from your advice I turned on the word verification. We all need less headaches in life.

I can't wait to meet my son. I've had several close friends who have all had children. But nothing really prepares you for your first.

10:17 PM  

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